Sunday, September 25, 2011

Observing 09.24.11

I had high hopes for the first chilly observing session of the Fall Season, but half of the few objects I had on the observing list managed to elude me. Here's what I did enjoy viewing:

  • NGC7086, Herschel 400, Open Cluster
  • NGC7128, Herschel 400, Open Cluster
  • NGC7008, Herschel 400, The Fetus Nebula
These were all three challenging to identify with a certainty. I printed out images to help verify and was pleased to find it a useful technique. For the nebula I also enlisted the help of one of the goto scopes, since it was just the ghost of a fuzziness in my eyepiece.

  • NGC185, Herschel 400, Spiral Galaxy
  • NGC278, Herschel 400, Spiral Galaxy
Both had to catch and impossible really to verify from the photos I had printed out since in the eyepiece all I got was a rather tiny smudge. But I checked and re-checked where the telescope was aimed against the sky chart and convinced myself I had found them.

  • NGC7662, Herschel 400, The Blue Snowball Nebula
We also saw a handful of satellites including two close together, one trailing the other, that produced impressive flares in turn. There was one good, long and bright meteor, and Jupiter was good to view when it popped over the trees in the late evening.

Instruments: 10" f4.7 Dobsonian telescope | Oberwerk 20x80mm binoculars

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