Friday, October 14, 2011

New Reflex Finder

I've been using an Orion EZFinder for some years now and it is pretty much falling apart despite that it hasn't seen very hard use. The replacement is a UAG reflex rifle sight. The UAG sports an aluminum body, 7 levels of brightness, 4 reticles (dot, circle dot, circle dot crosshair, and crosshair), and comes with a rubber lens cover. Construction seems solid and the controls work easily with satisfying detentes. It is designed for a .75" rail, which is larger than the dovetail mount for the Orion finder, so I have some customization to do.My only concern is that the aluminum body will be more prone to condensation than the plastic one. But we'll find out in practice. The UAG sight appears to be identical to Orion's EZFinder Deluxe, and I got it from Amazon for less than half of Orion's price.

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